Steve Williams Continues His Anti-Media Campaign by Talking to the Media
By Stephanie Wei under General

While Tiger Woods remains locked down at some top-secret location that the unrelenting paparazzi can’t even find, his loyal caddie, bodyguard, knight in shining armor and “enabler,” Steve Williams, presses on with the defense of his boss and attack of the cruel media, which has caused so much unwarranted pain on both his and Tiger’s families.

In two different interviews, Stevie has fervently denied knowledge of Tiger’s “indiscretion.” And we should believe him because he’s a “straight-up guy” — I mean, he even admitted to calling Phil Mickelson a prick! But he’ll also do anything it takes to protect his employer, which includes smashing cameras to fend off the press and fans that harass Tiger at inopportune times.

Listen up, everyone, he just works for Tiger. It’s not like they’re good friends or they go bungee jumping, car racing or take trips to Australia and New Zealand together. Oh, but they do.

On Monday an irritated Stevie told the Irish Golf Desk he feels Tiger has been unfairly treated by the media:

I feel deeply sorry for the guy. In the 10 years I have caddied for this guy, he has been thoroughly gracious with the media.  He has never not committed himself to the media. He’s been great and he makes one mistake and they run all over the guy. I think he will be very cautious with the media when he comes back, and rightfully so.

Just one mistake. He also unconsciously added this telling bit:

When he gets back to the tour and people have seen that [he] has made an honest attempt to get back with his family, I think that’s important, I think they will heal a lot people’s…or change a lot of people’s perspective of it. Tiger is human. We all make mistakes in life.

Translation: He even thinks Tiger’s leave of absence is a PR ploy — after an undetermined amount of time spent trying his hardest to save his marriage for appearance’s sake, all will be forgiven once he returns for his hyped-up comeback.

We get it. So, take your time, Tiger, but hiding isn’t helping matters. Get back on the golf course, win The Masters, the US Open and British Open next season — that’s your best shot at repairing your tainted image — we might be disappointed by your off the course behavior, but we still love watching you play golf. And Stevie, keep talking on the timid Tiger’s behalf.

[Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images AsiaPac]