Tiger Woods Round-Up: Rage Against the Machine
By Stephanie Wei under General

Back to Tiger Scandal Late News…ya didn’t think the gossip would stop after Tiger formally announced he was taking a break from golf, did ya? If that was part of Team Tiger’s hope, then add another miscalculation to the growing list.

TMZ (who as we now know was right on most of their Tiger scandal reporting) confirmed the Florida Department of Children and Families made a house call to the Woods’ home for a “well-being check”:

The official says the Department received a complaint — though we do not know who it was from or the nature of the complaint. The Department then got in touch with the Orange County Sheriff to help get through security at Tiger’s gated community.

We’re told the visit was not part of an investigation, but rather a routine procedure when a complaint is lodged. The Department not only evaluates the safety of the children but the adults in the house as well.

Despite reports that Elin Nordegren Woods has decided to stay in her marriage for the sake of their children and Tiger’s statement that he’s taking time away from golf to mend his marriage, a British tabloid claims Elin is in talks with a divorce lawyer and plans to leave Tiger after Christmas. Sources say she doesn’t want to ruin the holiday cheer — again, for the kids — so she’s keeping up appearances. But come 2010 she plans to move back to Sweden, where she’s already purchased a $2.2 million home.

Another piece of circumstantial evidence that might corroborate the rumor:

Blonde Elin Nordegren ventured out to take the couple’s two children to a Christmas party in Florida on Saturday.

As she stopped for petrol it was clear she had taken off the gold band and diamond engagement ring she has worn throughout their five-year marriage.

Or she just didn’t feel like wearing it that day. Or she just forgot to put it on. Or the ring is being cleaned. Or it fell down the drain while she was doing the dishes. Or she lost it during her daring late-night rescue smashing out the back windows of her husband’s SUV.

[Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images and via the Sun]