A Statistical Look at the Tiger Woods Media Frenzy
By Stephanie Wei under General

Since the fateful night of the “car accident” on November 27th there’s been a watershed of Tiger Woods stories in both traditional and non-traditional news outlets. Thanks to Stephen O’Leary of O’Leary Analytics for passing along his statistical report of Tiger online media coverage.

This first graph shows the number of articles published each day, mentioning “Tiger Woods,” between November 27th and December 11th:

Compare the above with the stats for the breakdown of the week-by-week coverage in the past six months:

Predictably, the controversial and licentious revelations in the past two weeks have caused a spike in Tiger press coverage. And perhaps most interesting is this final pie chart, revealing the total number of articles that refer to Tiger and his 12 leading sponsors:

Given this chart dates only through Thursday, December 10th, the large number of Gatorade articles is because they were the first to announce any sort of withdrawal of Tiger products. And Nike is Tiger’s primary equipment and apparel sponsor and the most visible one, but they’re also the company most likely to stand by him. So, have Nike, Gatorade and Gillette relished or profited by their excessive connection to Tiger and the not-very-positive revelations? Gillette sure didn’t. I’d like to see an updated chart considering the recent reports of sponsors distancing themselves from Tiger? (Hint: Stephen.)

Like the faux Tim Finchem said on Saturday Night Live, “You know that saying, ‘Any publicity is good publicity’…the guy who came up with that, he’s a liar.”