Latest Claims: Elin Knew About Tiger’s Affairs Long Before She…Knocked His Tooth Out?
By Stephanie Wei under General

Regardless of her husband’s long list of alleged mistresses, apparently Elin Nordegren Woods isn’t planning on leaving Tiger for the sake of their children. According to People magazine, a source claims that Elin, as “a child of divorce” (her parents split when she was six), believes in the “importance of parents staying together.”

A friend also told People that Tiger is genuinely apologetic and wants to work on being a better husband. But, Elin was aware of her husband’s “extracurricular activities” before their marriage and he vowed to change. (Whoopsie!)

“Elin had talked to other golfers and their wives about Tiger’s wild parties,” a friend told the magazine. “When she asked Tiger about it, he said he would stop doing it. And she believed him. But he never did.”

“Tiger has told Elin everything,” a source told People.  “Nothing that’s coming out now is a surprise. She knows what he has done, and they’ve had some long talks about it. They are getting everything out in the open.”

Although some sources tell People Nordegren “honestly did not know Tiger was cheating on her,” others say she turned a blind eye to his affairs to maintain her luxurious lifestyle.

We’ve all agreed that marital problems are a private matter, but I must say — and this isn’t meant to judge Elin — it’s hard to believe she had no idea Tiger was boinking every other cocktail waitress and clubgoer as he globetrotted. Maybe the porn stars were a bit of a surprise, but…seriously speaking, as pessimistic as this may sound, I pretty much assume (and I don’t think I’m alone on this one) that 99% of powerful men — CEOs, celebs, athletes — step out on their wives at some point (some say it has to do with that whole “ego” thing). When you marry someone like Tiger, Michael Jordan, Mick Jagger, Hugh Grant, Brad Pitt, Kobe Bryant, etc., isn’t it almost part of the deal? Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t do it disrespectfully or publicly. No, it’s not necessarily right, but it seems to happen more often than not. As a wise friend once told me, “Everyone likes a piece of Strange.”

That said, it’s still not forgivable and I’m not saying Elin shouldn’t be upset — I also would have flipped out on Tiger and (allegedly) chased him down with a golf club (or whatever happened). Apologies for the digression. Here’s this, too:
“Don’t let the pretty blond thing fool you –- she is tough,” another source tells People. “She’s a fighter, and I am sure she’s fighting like hell right now, to keep her family intact, but also to make sure Tiger will always be haunted by this.”
As she should and we’re well aware of that now. The NY Post reports:

One of Tiger Woods’ teeth was smashed when his furious wife Elin hurled a mobile phone at the philandering golfer.

Apparently that was rumored to be the talk in the players’ locker room at the Chevron World Challenge last week. A toothless Tiger could explain why he’s been skirting public appearances. But it’s all speculation, just like everything else.