Welcome to Tiger’s Unseemly World of Bottles and Models
By Stephanie Wei under General

Last Tuesday I phoned one of my contacts in the nightlife industry, who also happens to know Rachel Uchitel. Our conversation led to an impromptu meeting with him at a nondescript dive bar in Brooklyn just before midnight. He explained what he believes Uchitel actually does for Tiger Woods — and it’s not banging him, per se:

In my opinion, I don’t believe the story that she slept with Tiger 100%. I think it goes deeper than that. I’m wondering if she was planning “parties” for him in Australia and in general. Every celebrity has a “guy.” Rachel is like the top ninja turtle. Rachel is the kind of girl who will look you in the eye and knows how to sell sex.

Rachel provides high-profile people with what they need, like a clandestine concierge service. She’ll surround her clients, like Tiger, with the type of women they like — if they like blondes, they get blondes – a blonde who knows how to keep her mouth shut and gets paid, not by the hour. Guys can whisper in Rachel’s ear and tell her what he wants and he’ll put that girl next to him. Part of Rachel’s job is keeping her mouth shut, too. This is why the VIPs return to these exclusive clubs — she earns their trust and next time they’re in town, they contact her to set up the table, the girls, etc. — whatever their million-dollar pocketbooks desire.

Now with what we’ve learned from Deadspin’s expose, this makes perfect sense. And, I’ve spent some time in the NYC club scene and witnessed the way these things work firsthand (no, I’ve never seen Tiger out hitting it hard). I have friends who are promoters and hostesses, not the same pedigree as Rachel, but close enough. Guys — not just celebrities, but anyone who can afford it, meaning high-rolling hedge funders, CEOs, sponsors, etc. — throw out tens of thousands of dollars a night with their buddies to be surrounded by a bevy of attractive ladies, drinking $500 bottles of vodka that never run dry. I’ve seen plenty of ladies hustled out of clubs into black Escalades. And it’s all of their own accord and whatever happens is usually kept within their close circle of friends.

As preposterous as it may seem that Tiger was involved in this, anyone who has seen a side of clubland firsthand knew it was the best-kept secret bound to be exposed at some point.

[Photo via Guest of a Guest]