Nightlife Insiders Explain the Sordid Secrets Behind Rachel Uchitel’s Job
By Stephanie Wei under General

Despite her unrelenting denials, many still believe Rachel Uchitel was romantically linked to Tiger Woods (which some claim she may have at one point). But a few have suggested she was on Tiger’s payroll for a different purpose. BlackBook’s Steve Lewis provides an in-depth explanation of the bottle service era, along with how Uchitel and Tiger fit into the picture:

The bottle service era just defined it and refined it a little better. Say a rich dude or a celebrity who the club wants to entertain regularly and constantly is coming to a joint. A publicist or a friend with connections will hook him up with a dependable promoter or a club hostess or in many cases an owner/manager type. This VIP shows up … a credit card will secure the real estate ,table, and some booze is thrown into the mix. Where that person is seated is the whole tamale. Promoters bring girls—girls who would die to meet a celebrity or a whale. They will have sex with him. Wake up, America—everyone is having sex, especially hotties and successful types. Cash may not actually change hands for sex; it’s not a straight-up money deal necessarily. But it’s more like a “pleased to meet you famous or rich sir” deal. A VIP usually has “entanglements” like a wife a gal or at least an image to maintain. The VIP can’t be seen hitting on random waifs in a club. He doesn’t have time to court or date these pretty young things. He might be thousands of miles away tomorrow. The getting-to-know-you phase is taken out of the mix. Promoters bring party girls out for a good time, and what happens after that is their own business but also the underlying business of clubs.

…Some waitresses are flown to Vegas or LA because the whale needs beauties around him he can trust. That trust is the all-important commodity here. Trust comes first, even before sex and certainly after. The Tiger-in-your-bank scandal seems to have legs—lots of them. The “fore” golf jokes seem to be moving past four and even seven and, well, it doesn’t seem it will end anytime soon. Rachel Uchitel has done her job. She has kept her mouth shut. That was always the deal and is always the deal.

And now Deadspin has other sources who imply the same. Fascinating.

As I promised last night — introducing alleged mistress number 11 courtesy of Deadspin’s scrupulous sleuthing: Joslyn James, “porn actress” (warning: link = NSFW).

So, Tiger has almost as many alleged mistresses as he does major championships. And by this afternoon, three more women will probably have sold their story to the tabloids and hired attorneys to wrangle a payout. But no worries, he’s still Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer in the world, and regardless of yesterday’s reports linking him to a porn star, marketing gurus predict it won’t affect his gagillion-dollar endorsement deals. Does adding another alleged one to the count change anything? Is there a cut-off point?