Add Another Bizarre Twist to the Tiger Woods "Accident" Story: Possible "Overdose"
By Stephanie Wei under General

Remember when the news first broke about Tiger’s accident, reports said he was “seriously injured”? Then, we were told he just sustained facial lacerations. Now, it appears he might have overdosed on prescription drugs. TMZ’s sources at the hospital that treated Tiger claim the admissions chart lists “OD” and notes he was having trouble breathing.

On Monday it was revealed the Florida Highway Patrol tried to obtain a subpoena after reviewing the police incident report (see below):

FHP had requested Tiger’s blood sample, after a witness — we’re told his wife — “stated that the driver had consumed alcohol earlier in the day and the same witness removed the driver from the vehicle after the collision.”

The document continues, “The same witness stated that the driver was prescribed medication (Ambien and Vicatin [sic]}.”

As we first reported, it was Elin Nordegren who pulled Tiger from the crash and told cops he had taken medicine (but she didn’t know when) and even brought the pill bottles to the EMTs.

The document concludes, “Impairment of the driver is also suspected due to the careless driving that resulted in the traffic crash.”

Well, we’ve already heard about his alleged fondness for taking Ambien for recreational purposes. But here’s a less sordid explanation for the supposed OD — it’s well known Tiger has chronic sleeping troubles, so perhaps he just overestimated the correct dosage. Err, yeah.

Last week TMZ also said that witnesses claimed Tiger was in and out of consciousness when paramedics arrived at the scene. Plus, according to the deposition of the neighbor who made the 911 call, Jarius Adams, Tiger was snoring when he found him shortly after the accident occurred.

The FHP’s request was denied because for some reason, the judge didn’t deem a witness stating that Tiger had been boozing earlier and taking prescription drugs, including a narcotic, constituted as “sufficient evidence.”

[Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]