Perkins and Porn Stars: Where Tiger Allegedly Eats
By Stephanie Wei under General

Now the number of women claiming to have boinked Tiger Woods has reached ten — four less than the number of majors Tiger has won. It’s getting confusing to keep track of the ladies who possibly slept with the Blasian golfing great. So, here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Rachel Uchitel: The NYC “party girl” and Director of VIP services for club hot spots, ranging from Tao in Las Vegas, Dune in Southampton and most recently, Griffon and Pink Elephant in NYC, has been romantically linked to loads of celebrities, including Derek Jeter and David Boreanaz. She was the first publicly named by the National Enquirer, who continues to deny any romantic relationship with Tiger. It’s rumored Tiger Woods Inc. paid her hush money, an amount reportedly between $1 million and $3 million. But, what was her actual relationship to Tiger? More on that later…
  2. Jaimee Grubbs: This attention-grubbing 24-year-old cocktail waitress and former reality TV show star sold her sordid story to Us Weekly, along with a panicked voicemail from Tiger and sexts to prove the supposed 31-month-long dalliance.
  3. Kalika Moquin: She manages a club in Las Vegas and has denied rumors of a romantic relationship with Tiger. From what I’m told, she’s probably telling the truth because she’s very professional and wouldn’t jeopardize any business relationship she has with Tiger (or other clients).
  4. Jamie Junger: Another Las Vegas cocktail waitress. This former “Trashy Girl” (how appropriate!) lingerie model claims she met Tiger in 2004 when she was 20 years old and says the affair lasted two years. She hired attorney Michael O’Quinn to represent her and apparently sold her story to a British tabloid.
  5. Mindy Lawton: The 33-year-old Orlando pancake waitress at Perkins eatery contends that she hooked up with Tiger in a church parking lot and was even taken to his mansion while his pregnant wife was out of town. Apparently the National Enquirer caught photos of the two, but the story was squashed when Team Tiger struck a deal and agreed to pose on the cover of Men’s Fitness.
  6. Cory Rist: The 31-year-old NYC-er allegedly met Tiger at Manhattan club Butter. Sources say during her six-month relationship with Tiger, he flew her out to top-secret hook-up destinations. She also introduced him to her 7-year-old son.
  7. Ashley Samson: The 36-year-old porn star, who recently starred in the adult films “OMG, Stop Tickling Me” and “Flying Solo 2,” is the latest allegedly linked to Tiger. Her Denver-based lawyer, Andrew Contiguglia, told reporters, “She has no comment on the matter.”

FoxNews is reporting there are allegedly three more who might be coming forward:

No. 8. A former cocktail waitress from Orlando, Fla., does [not] want to reveal her identity yet, according to her attorney Michael O’Quinn. But this she has said: at the time the affair allegedly began, she was 20 years old and met Woods at the Roxy in Orlando, where she was a VIP server.

No. 9 is reported to be a “sexy” British TV presenter who was single at the time, but is now married.

No. 10. is reported in a UK paper to be a “sex-addicted cougar.”

Add one more to the count — I have on good authority that an eleventh alleged mistress (another woman who works in the adult film industry!) will be outed Tuesday morning. (Bah!) Stay tuned, I guess.

At this point, would a Tiger Woods press conference even put an end to the hordes of women professing to the world that they had a sexual relationship with him?

[Photos from L to R: Jamie Junger, Mindy Lawton, Cory Rist and Ashley Samson via New York Daily News]