Enough Is Enough for Elin
By Stephanie Wei under General

According to, Tiger’s wife, Elin, has supposedly moved out of their Windermere home, just after reports came out connecting Tiger to alleged mistress number seven, porn star Holly Samson. Sources say she’s living in a house nearby. No word on whether she took along their two adorable swedecaublasians with her, though. I’d guess that would be affirmative.

Here’s this, too:

Tiger and his reps are keeping Elin’s move top secret and hope she will come back to the house as soon as possible. They don’t want any publicity about what is going on in the marriage since Tiger’s cheating was revealed.

Good luck with that.

I have a question for all the lawyers out there. Let’s say Tiger and Elin don’t work things out (apparently, their intensive marriage counseling sessions haven’t helped much) and she decided to divorce his (allegedly) cheating ass immediately — rather than waiting two years or five years to get the millions she’s entitled to in their prenuptial agreement — what would she presumably walk away with in a divorce settlement? Why wouldn’t the clauses protecting Tiger from divvying up his fortune be defunct after his public admission of infidelity? OR, could it be because Elin isn’t squeaky clean either? Perhaps something from her past? Please advise.