Rachel Uchitel Outplays Tiger Woods From Rough This Time
By Stephanie Wei under General

While the formerly formidable Tiger Woods PR Team botched the handling of the shocking and disturbing revelations unveiled this past week, the Rachel Uchitel PR Team triumphed, playing a clever game to ensure a win-win outcome.

As the first woman publicly accused to have had an affair with Tiger, she was inevitably branded the “homewrecker.” So, she embarked on her “Operation Deny All,” manipulating anyone with a platform to deliver “her side of the story.”

From everything that’s been reported, it’s not difficult to glean that Rachel is no dummy. Whether or not she intended for her dalliance with Tiger to become public, she didn’t keep it a secret either. In her exclusive rant to the NY Post, she professed that she was on the phone for four hours with a Vegas contact, discussing a mishap with a table reservation that she helped set up for Tiger’s friend and his name was mentioned numerous times, which was why Ashley Samson and her friend “misinterpreted” things. It’s hard to believe Rachel didn’t say something that led them to connect the dots. Other red flags? Her denial was overly aggressive and she was aware of the exact amount the Enquirer paid the girls for the story.

To my understanding, she told enough people about her affair with Tiger. Believe it or not, NYC is a small world. Like dozens of others, I “friended” her on Facebook last Wednesday and learned we had, like, 30 mutual friends/acquaintances. I phoned one of them, who confirmed the Enquirer story. He said, “She used to sleep with Derek Jeter. He introduced her to Tiger and I think she’s seen Tiger at least a dozen times in the past few months. He flew her to Florida for something.” Here’s Uchitel’s Facebook status update from October 1st:

Perhaps unrelated and she just likes golf, though.

After TMZ’s sources claimed that Tiger and Elin fought over the Enquirer story before the car crash, Rachel wisely hired Gloria Allred, a famed “feminist” attorney, and fled to Los Angeles. But after Jaimee Grubbs came forward, Rachel supposedly admitted she had lied to “protect” Tiger and was “scared for her safety” — because she knew too much — he apparently confided in her about his other alleged affairs and information about his marriage. On Wednesday evening, Allred announced that she would hold a press conference on behalf of Uchitel the following morning. Hours later, it was canceled due to “unforeseen events” and negotiations for a payoff began between Camp Tiger and Camp Rachel.

Translation: The presser was a bluff to extract hush money from Tiger. Do you think Rachel would endure all the bad press and walk away from her 20 minutes of fame without a dime? No, sir-ee.

Then, evidence of Rachel’s alleged affair with Tiger just happened to surface:

But on Friday, claims Tiger Woods Inc. and Rachel have drawn up an agreement that will pay Uchitel upwards of $1 million, but not more than $3 million, to ensure she will not disseminate the hundreds of text messages and emails the two have exchanged during their alleged five-month-long dalliance. She also will not publicly confess to it.

Rachel comes out of this relatively unmarred. She gets a big payday and preserves her dignity by not talking. Very well played, Rachel. Other alleged mistresses: Take note.