Apparently Tiger Woods Inc. Pays Better Than the Tabloids…?
By Stephanie Wei under General

Kalika Moquin, the third woman accused of boinking Tiger, is adamantly denying the rumors, according to Us Weekly:

[Moquin] explains that she has indeed encountered Woods in a professional capacity at Las Vegas events — but that’s it. “Sometimes I’ll deal with celebrities on my job on a day-to-day basis just to touch base with people,” she tells Us. “But it’s completely untrue that there’s anything more than a professional ‘How are you doing? Are you enjoying your time in Vegas?’ conversation [with Tiger].”

But a “reliable source” contends she’s covering up for him (a la Rachel Uchitel):

She was absolutely sleeping with him. She brags about it! the insider says, noting that Woods and Moquin spent the night of Oct. 22 together in his MGM Grand suite—the same spot where [Jaimee] Grubbs and Woods first hooked up, Grubbs told Us. The married golfer, 33, even “stayed an extra night in Vegas to spend time with [Moquin]…There were at least two girls in Vegas fighting over who was going to go home with him.”

In other Tiger Woods news today…

  • Jaimee Grubbs, who has been described as a “cocktail waitress,” worked at a medical marijuana pharmacy until a month ago. SCANDAL! [RadarOnline]
  • Byron Bell, Tiger’s childhood friend, bought the plane ticket for Rachel Uchitel’s recent trip to “secretly” hang out with Tiger, and Bell paid for her hotel room, too. What are friends for, right? [TMZ]
  • Tiger is dangling his oversized checking account over Elin’s head — he’s negotiating their prenup that would give Elin an immediate $5 million payout to keep her around and another $55 million on top of the $20 million she’s entitled to in the original agreement. So, she would walk away with a total of $80 million if she can handle living under the same roof for another two years.  [The Daily Beast]
  • Because Tiger publicly admitted to infidelity, Elin stands to receive a record-breaking $300 million in a divorce settlement — the amount noted in the prenuptial agreement she signed when she married Tiger in 2004. But the fine print reads that she’d have to remain Mrs. Tiger Woods for another five years. Which at this point, would probably seem like eternity. [FoxNews]
  • And the psychoanalysis of Tiger’s cheating heart has commenced — I prefer the graphological version. [Deadspin]
  • Tiger’s mother, Kultida, and mother-in-law, Barbro Holmberg, were at the scene of the car crash last Friday, according to Kimberly Harris, the sister of Jarius Adams, who called 911. Remember hearing a woman screeching, “What happened?!” in the background during the 911 call tape? Yeah, allegedly that was Kultida. [ESPN]
  • The Florida Highway Patrol released the audio (below) of an interview with Jarius Adams, Tiger’s neighbor who called 911. This time a lawyer hired by Team Tiger didn’t do the talking on his behalf. Adams says Tiger was snoring and shoeless when he arrived to the scene. Oh, and he didn’t see any glass. [Baltimore Sun]