Tiger Woods’ Traumatic Post-Accident Injuries Force Him to Withdraw From His Own Tournament
By Stephanie Wei under General

Not surprisingly, Tiger will skip this week’s Chevron World Challenge, the tournament he hosts that benefits his foundation. According to the Golf Channel, he’s following doctor’s orders to avoid traveling because of headaches (read: shame) and soreness (read: embarrassment) that were reportedly sustained from Friday’s car crash.

Translation: His lawyers are advising him to avoid the firing squad he’ll undoubtedly encounter at the previously scheduled press conference on Tuesday.

TMZ, the Leader in Tiger Woods Melodrama News, has an eyewitness account of Tiger’s appearance following the peculiar accident:

According to a witness, Tiger had a cut on his lower lip when emergency responders and witnesses arrived. The wound was bloody.

Translation: The guy who won the ‘08 US Open on virtually one leg doesn’t want to show his face until the claw marks have sufficiently healed, plus the Band-Aid covering the wound would interfere with his swing tempo.

And he’s probably recovering from the expected psychological distress of hitting a fire hydrant and tree at 10 mph. Until now, Tiger has been seemingly immune to physical pain and anything throwing his focus. I guess he really is human, after all.

Tiger issued a written statement, expressing his regrets, on his website:

“I am extremely disappointed that I will not be at my tournament this week,” Woods said. “I am certain it will be an outstanding event and I’m very sorry that I can’t be there.”

“We support Tiger’s decision and are confident the strong field and excellent course will provide an exciting week of competition at the Chevron World Challenge, said Greg McLaughlin, Tiger Woods Foundation President & CEO.

Woods will not participate in any other tournaments in 2009 and will return to action next year.

Time heals all wounds…?

[Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images AsiaPac]