The Curious Case of Tiger Woods’ Injuries
By Stephanie Wei under General

Shortly after midnight, TMZ, the World Wide Tiger Woods Melodrama News Leader, reported that their sources claim the Florida Highway Patrol is now seeking a search warrant to procure medical records from the hospital that tended to Tiger’s wounds. The FHP wants to determine whether his injuries were sustained from the car accident or domestic violence (claw marks inflicted by Elin’s dainty hands!).

TMZ has also been told authorities believe they can show probable cause that a crime was committed. According to Business Insider — given the facts or, perhaps the speculation — there are three charges police could be investigating: domestic violence, filing a false police report, and DUI.

In an update this afternoon, the website posted, “TMZ has learned two Florida Highway Patrol troopers paid a visit today to the hospital where Tiger Woods was transported early Friday morning. Witnesses at the hospital say the troopers were looking for information related to Woods’ visit.”

But TMZ doesn’t know if the troopers left with the medical records and it doesn’t appear a search warrant had been obtained.

And the release the FHP sent at 12:38PM today denies the report (and reminds us that their efforts to interview Tiger were stonewalled):

As of Nov. 30, 2009, the Florida Highway Patrol has been unable to speak to Mr. Woods about the crash he was involved in on the morning of Nov. 27, 2009, despite attempts to do so.

Mr. Woods’ representatives have provided us with his driver license information, vehicle registration and current proof of insurance, as required by Florida Law.

Contrary to various media reports, the Florida Highway Patrol has not made any comments regarding the details of the ongoing crash investigation involving Tiger Woods as it relates to medical information, or any other aspect of this investigation.

And, of course, the crash investigation is still ongoing and charges are pending.

In other (much more fascinating and potentially revealing) warrant-related news, TMZ reports that the FHP is petitioning to obtain the footage from the surveillance cameras at the Woods’ residence:

TMZ has learned the home of Tiger and wife Elin Nordegren is fully loaded with security cameras and we’re told at least one of the cameras show Tiger’s exit from the house. We know the FHP wants the video.

Despite the FHP’s rebuff of their quest for medical records, TMZ is also still standing by their initial report:

As we first reported, the FHP wants a search warrant for Tiger’s medical records. They also want the video — the question, even if the FHP gets a warrant for the video … what, if any, footage exists at this point?

Assuming there is footage, it could answer some of the questions surrounding the inconsistencies to Elin’s two accounts of the accident to authorities and the many oddities of the case to aid the FHP in their investigation. Again, TMZ has the scoop:

One big piece of evidence showing probable cause … sources tell us Tiger’s wife, Elin Nordegren told FHP troopers she went looking for Tiger in a golf cart, came upon the accident and then used a golf club to break the window to gain entry. That’s a very different story from what she first told Windemere cops shortly after the accident — she never mentioned a golf cart. Nordegren told Windemere police she had walked out of her house, saw the crash, went back inside to get a golf club and returned to the vehicle.

TMZ has reviewed 21 photos from the scene — no sign of any golf cart. But we just found another photo (above) from the scene, where you can see a golf cart in the foreground.

So perhaps she misspoke because she was just understandably flustered by her husband’s near-death experience. And TMZ points out another oddity that could constitute probable cause for a warrant:

Although alcohol was not involved, Tiger was in and out of consciousness and TMZ has already reported Tiger told a friend he was taking prescription meds for pain, which could be evidence of DUI.

So there you have it — the arduous, baffling quest for the truth behind the story that gets stranger by the minute. Take this all for what it’s worth. But the mainstream news outlets are citing TMZ as a source in their coverage. And knowing Tiger and his army of lawyers, we’ll likely never find out what really went down. I’m not losing any sleep over it, though.
[Photo via WFTV]