Tiger Woods Rumored to Be Tossing This Woman Around Like One of His Drivers
By Stephanie Wei under General

The National Enquirer says Tiger’s been stepping out on Elin, his two adorable swedecaublasians, his dogs, and his Orlando mansion to have a part-time dalliance with a 34-year-old NYC-er named Rachel Uchitel.

The details of the “affair” are sparse, but since she apparently has a big mouth, it’s reported that she’s been seen with Tiger at a couple of nightclubs and also checking into the same hotel as him in Melbourne, Australia, during the Australian Masters.

But let’s face it — even though Tiger’s image is (for the most part) wholesome, he is one of the richest, most famous athletes in the world and those guys usually don’t have a great fidelity track record. So color me in four different shades of not-so-shocked.

If it is true, Tiger probably won’t lose any major corporate sponsorships, but he could lose like half of his kajillion dollar estate to Elin if she decides to divorce his (allegedly) cheating ass.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this in upcoming days and an official denial from Team Tiger. At least this will give golf bloggers something to write about during the off-season.

[Photo via SPORTSbyBROOKS]