Trump Resorts to Calling Aberdeenshire Protester Dirty Loser
By Stephanie Wei under General

As the protesters of The Donald’s billion-dollar golf resort project in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, press on with their resistance movement, the battle has turned into a rendition of Mean Girls. After Molly Forbes, 85, started legal proceedings to foil the local council’s attempt to boot her from her home by compulsory purchase, The Donald struck back with a disparaging personal tirade against her son, Michael Forbes, a salmon fisherman and quarryman who lives in the property next to his mother:

[Forbes] has always been dirty, sloppy and unkempt in his personal appearance and demeanor [sic]. He is a loser who is seriously damaging the image of both Aberdeenshire and his great country. His property is a disgusting blight on the community and an environmental hazard, with leaking oil containers, rusted shacks and abandoned vehicles dumped everywhere. It is a very poor image and representation for the world to see of Scotland.

Instead, The Donald would like to amend Forbes’ unkempt land by bullying people from their homes and building a lavish golf course deemed environmentally unfriendly by tree-hugging dissenters. Because, you know, when everyone thinks of Scotland, they imagine beautiful, undulating, grassy knolls and sandy ridges filled with cleaner people.

[Photo by Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images via the Guardian]