Judge Upholds PGA Tour’s Doping Ban Against Doug Barron
By Stephanie Wei under General

Last Thursday Doug Barron filed a lawsuit for monetary damages and a temporary restraining order against the PGA Tour, claiming he was unfairly suspended and labeled  as a cheating doper when they issued a presser reporting that he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. U.S. Federal Magistrate Tu Pham said “No.”

Barron claims he took beta blockers and testosterone for “legitimate medical needs.” Apparently after the Tour announced its anti-doping policy last summer, his doctor was weaning him off the beta blockers. And he didn’t use testosterone in 2009, until the week before he played in the St. Jude Classic, the only PGA Tour event he played, this past June.

Suspect, huh?

But one of Barron’s attorneys, Jeffrey Rosenblum, is still all glass-half-full about the decision:

While we are disappointed in the court’s denial for a temporary restraining order, we are encouraged by a number of findings by the court. We consider this ruling a partial victory for Doug Barron. The court’s ruling supports our allegations that there are serious questions to be addressed regarding the PGA Tour’s application of its doping policy.

And yet, this is still the biggest PGA Tour-related victory of Doug Barron’s career.