Tiger’s Latest Fling
By Stephanie Wei under General

Tiger Woods had one of his notorious temper tantrums during the third round of the Australian Masters. After he hit an errant tee shot on the 13th hole, he slammed his driver on the ground. Nothing we don’t see him do, like, on every other hole. But the catch here is that he was so fired up, the club happened to slip out of his hands and fly into the gallery. As you can see, a bemused fan returned it to him and the gallery even applauded. Because he’s Tiger Woods — everything he does is laudable.

Oh, it doesn’t look like he apologized to the innocent bystanders after he almost whacked them in the face. Nor did he offer an apology post-round. His comment? “That was my mistake. I got hot after a bad tee shot and let go of the club.” An “I’m sorry for endangering the safety of the supportive fans” would have been nice.

His unseemly behavior has been well-documented and discussed, but he continues to get away with it. Because he’s Tiger Woods. While I don’t have a problem with his cursing and an occasional club slam or minor toss, he needs to keep it under control. So, he’s a competitor and gets caught in the heat of the moment. But if he can manage to control his emotions when he sticks a 5-iron or drains a 10-foot putt for the win on the 72nd hole of a major championship, then he should at least be able to keep his grip on the club after a poor swing. Get it together, dude — try a little harder to stick to just the four-letter words.

Now I can’t decide which club throw is more memorably off-putting — the one from the Deutsche Bank Championship or this most recent bout.

[h/t Jay Busbee/Devil Ball Golf]