2009 Asks the Girlfriend Question
By Stephanie Wei under General

As you may recall, I met and interviewed Rickie Fowler last week. And as you also may recall, when I sent his handlers my list of potential questions, one light-hearted question about who he was dating was greeted with a gentle PLEASE DO NOT ASK THAT, because they wanted to make sure he felt completely comfortable. But, you know, it slipped. I also asked Rickie how long they had been dating.

“Two months.”

Did you meet her on the road?

“Yeah. Her dad plays.”


/Felt disapproving look from prying eyes.


Well, got the scoop. It’s Olin Brown’s 18-year-old daughter, Alexandra. When they asked him how Rickie’s gal was adjusting to his fame, he said “She’s used to it. It’s nothing new to her, and it’s nice to have someone around like that.”

So, finally, there’s the answer.

[Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]