Tiger Woods’ Jupiter Mansion Will Be Bigger Than Actual Planet Jupiter
By Stephanie Wei under General

With all the extra millions Tiger has at his disposal, he made a lofty yet practical investment in 2006 when he purchased four adjacent properties spanning 12 acres for a whopping sum of approximately $45 million. The existing homes were torn down to construct a super-sized complex fit for the world’s greatest golfer and his family.’s Jose Lambiet reported:

The new 9,700-square-foot home is split between the living quarters (right on the photo above) and a gym (left side). Both sides will be connected with a glass-covered walkway, according to the blueprints.

But it sounds like Lambiet isn’t too keen on the design: It’s a cross between a discount motel and a beachside nursing home!

So basically, it’s overkill compared to the “classic-looking manses” that the ritzy Jupiter Island boasts. Be that as it may, Tiger can do whatever he wants because he’s Tiger Woods.

And I presume the foliage surrounding the property (a la Bill Gates’ home) will provide some much-needed privacy from us nosy fans. And maybe we’ll get a tour on a future episode of MTV’s Cribs.

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