Best Dumbest Golf Gadget: The UroClub
By Stephanie Wei under General

There are a lot of useless golf-related inventions geared to attract golf geeks. Each week, I’ll feature one that seems ridiculously pointless and absurd. If you come across one, please e-mail ( it to me. You know you’ve seen them. Perhaps you even own one. Or two. Or five.

Today…the UroClub. Forget Flomax. This portable urinal is disguised as a golf club, allowing you to take a whiz in the middle of the golf course:

The UroClub™ is the discrete, sanitary way for your urgent relief. Created by a Board Certified Urologist, it looks like an ordinary golf club, but contains a reservoir built into the grip to relieve yourself. The UroClub™ is leak proof, easy to clean and no more embarrassing moments.

No more humiliating trips to the woods or pee-pee dancing on the putting green! It’s way less awkward to stand in the middle of the fairway holding an “ordinary golf club” with your hands in your pants shielded by a towel. (Too many jokes.)

Here’s the amazing commercial for a better visual:

I hope the female version is in the works.

[h/t Reader John]