Another Tradition Like No Other: Alimony
By Stephanie Wei under General

As you know, CBS sportscaster and Masters host Jim Nantz was going through a very public, difficult divorce.

We felt sorry for him when we read about his tearful testimony, where he blamed his wife, Lorrie, whom he painted as a selfish, heartless she-devil, for never supporting his storied career. But all sympathy was lost when he went on to admit his ongoing affair with a 29-year-old woman.

Given those kinds of details don’t usually bode well in divorce court, we wondered exactly how much more this already messy proceeding would cost Nantz, who earns $3.9 million a year. Well, the verdict is in:

A Connecticut judge ordered Nantz, who testified tearfully at the divorce trial, to pay his now ex-wife Lorrie $916,000 annually…Nantz must pay his former wife $72,000 a month, plus $1,000 a week in child support for their 15-year-old daughter Caroline.

The alimony will last until […] her remarriage.

I wouldn’t bet on that happening anytime soon. Poor, poor Jim Nantz.