The Battle of the Hangover: AK Beats Down Allenby…Again
By Stephanie Wei under General

And this time he did it with a good night’s rest as far as we know. Either way, Anthony Kim made a statement, crushing Robert Allenby 5&4 in the semifinals of the Volvo World Match Play Championship.

Prior to the awkward face-off, AK was asked to share his thoughts:

You know, that’s not something really I want to get into, but I have talked to Robert. What’s done is done and it’s in the past now.

Right — the guy called him a “loose cannon” and “the current John Daly,” which placed AK in a not-so-positive spotlight.

He also added they had “moved on.” Apparently some of AK’s actions proved the opposite:

Kim was questioned about asking Allenby to hole some short putts but said: “I don’t really think I have. Maybe a 2-footer, but it had a little break to it. Let’s just say I am pretty focused on my game and if that slides by me that’s a mistake.”

He means he was practicing the fine art of gamesmanship. But Allenby said he wasn’t bothered:

That’s match play. It does not matter, I will putt them all out if he wants. I’m happy to, I’m not going to miss them. I gave him four-footers but it does not bother me.

It’s all in the game.

AK ended up losing to Ross Fisher in the finals, but that’s besides the point — he won the battle that most of us really cared about. Now it’s just too bad that both AK and Allenby ruined the potential of bringing more entertainment to this so-called feud by dodging the controversial questions.

[Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images Europe]