The Battle of the Hangover: AK vs. Allenby Rematch
By Stephanie Wei under General

We knew they would meet again, just not this soon. Anthony Kim and Robert Allenby will face-off tomorrow in the semifinals of the World Match Play Championships in Casares, Spain. With AK’s rep as a hardcore trash-talker, this has the potential to be the most entertainingly awkward match in recent history.

When Allenby accused AK of binge-drinking until the wee hours of the morning after losing to him in the Presidents Cup singles matches earlier this month, he unintentionally started some much-needed golfing drama. He also reopened the controversy over AK’s past notoriety as a party boy. Though AK vehemently denied the allegations, it brought into question whether he had actually reformed.

But according to AK, he has indeed come-to-Jesus and recognizes his responsibilities as a role model:

[…] Sometimes it’s easy to forget and just say, I’m 24 years old, I’ll do whatever I want. But I understand and have for the last year and a half, have been good about understanding that this is my job. There’s a lot of little kids that look up to me; I’d better represent myself and the companies that I do represent, well.

While AK said, “I’ll be in bed by 9:30,” (is that AM or PM?) I’m sure he’s well aware the clubs in Spain don’t get popping until 1AM and the shenanigans continue until the sun rises. So, perhaps he should just fall back to the same pre-tournament routine he supposedly took at the Presidents Cup.

But chances are he’s probably reading a book and drinking a warm glass of milk all by his lonesome in his hotel room.