Best Dumbest Golf Gadget: The RELOADER
By Stephanie Wei under General

There are a lot of useless golf-related inventions geared to attract golf geeks. Each week, I’ll feature one that seems ridiculously pointless and absurd. If you come across one, please e-mail (steph.wei@gmail.com) it to me. You know you’ve seen them. Perhaps you even own one. Or two. Or five.

Today…The RELOADER. This “amazing new golf necessity” allows you to “reload your game,” so you can easily access a fresh golf ball after hitting an errant shot into the parking lot, water hazard, road, etc. It promises to “save” you time in the fairway:

The RELOADER holds two sleeves, that’s six balls. The balls are loaded at the top and conveniently Dispensed from the bottom. Simply clip the RELOADER onto your golf bag, fill with Six of your favorite balls and your ready to go.

Don’t let the “heat of the moment” get any worse by having to dig for a new golf ball. Don’t let the pressure of the moment build by having your playing partners wait around while you get yourself together.

That’s not all (!) — there’s even a handy velcro strap to attach your glove, so you always know where it is…and you don’t have to reach around to your back pocket.

Basically, this gadget is for golfers that find it too back-breaking to bend over and reach all the way down to the ball pocket of their bags. Ah, laziness at it’s very best.

[h/t Reader Court]