Angry Scots Try to Sabotage Trump’s Dream Course
By Stephanie Wei under General

The Donald continues to push forward with his billion dollar golf course in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, but he’s infuriated some environmental groups (and others who just personally can’t stand him) because his self-proclaimed “greatest golf course in the world” will apparently destroy some stunning Scottish coastal landscape and annoy some ‘Menie’ homeowners who prefer to see pretty yellow flowers out their windows instead of rich white guys doddering around their backyard.

The Tripping Up Trump” movement has resorted to nuisance tactics to halt the development process but The Donald and The Donald Jr. are undeterred by the backlash:

There have been a couple of detractors that don’t want this to go forward. It’s getting ridiculous and childish. We have been under incredible scrutiny. That will never be enough for some of the extremists.

Trump Jr. boldly stood atop a sand dune and said that he anticipates golf balls to be flying over his head at this spot in less than two years. Then he proceeded to empty four cans of hair spray into the sky and fed plastic six-pack holders to some of the hovering gulls overhead.

[Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images Europe]