The PGA Tour Won’t Be Too Happy About This…?
By Stephanie Wei under General

It appears we have our first mid-round tweet (gasp!). Rewind back to the US Open when Ian Poulter snapped a picture of his infamous mud ball. But surprisingly, under Rule 14-3, the USGA said he didn’t break any rules.

Given Parker didn’t gain knowledge to assist his play or distract another player (that we know of), he’s in the clear. He didn’t cause the outrage that Poulter did when he tweeted a photo of Camilo Villegas and Justin Rose flipping off the camera. Or when Stewart Cink complained about his unreliable AT&T service. Then again, Parker McLachlin isn’t Ian Poulter or Stewart Cink.

Oh, by the way — Parker bogeyed the 5th hole.

[Parker McLachlin’s Twitter Feed]