The Golf Channel Gets All Titanic on Rickie Fowler
By Stephanie Wei under General

The Golf Channel commentators have gone all gaga for Fowler — they can’t stop gushing about him, like the way 14-year-olds do over a crush. You know, they just think Rickie is oh so fine, oh so fine, he blows their mind. (Groan.) But, hey, I can’t really say I blame them. He’s a lot more fun to watch than, say, Greg Owen or Chris Stroud.

During Saturday’s telecast of the Frys.com Open, the commentators said one of their producers thought Rickie looked like a young Leonardo DiCaprio. (It’s gotta be the hair.) So, there you have it, golf finally has its very own heartthrob.



Anyway, how did he play? Well, Rickie had one of those bipolar days — it went something like: eagle, double-bogey, some pars, four birdies in five holes, unplayable lie, double-bogey, and some clutch par putts. But it turned out decently (phew); he shot 1-under and is T5, only four shots off the lead.

Obviously the Golf Channel is just tickled to see what he does tomorrow. Perhaps we’ll get an Oscar-worthy performance from him.