David Feherty Tells Us How to Be Like David Feherty
By Stephanie Wei under General

My favorite fart-happy golf commentator, David Feherty shared some interesting “DO’s” and “DON’T’s” with Golf.com. Here are a few highlights:

DO: Call Tiger a “loser.” At the Quail Hollow Championship this year, I asked Tiger, who finished fourth, “What’s it feel like to be a loser?” He’s smart enough to jump on that. That’s not me insulting him. That’s me giving him the chance to respond with grace and humor, and he did.

[Ed. note: Quite possibly the best post-round golf interview. Ever.]

DON’T: Over-prepare. I have no notes, no yardages. I simply describe what I see. I don’t care if a player was 128th in sand saves, and he’s up to 17th now. F—-ing snore! I’m interested in what’s happening. Besides, I killed so many brain cells with booze, I can’t remember a stat to save my life.

Feherty forgot a very important “DO”: Pull up the iFart application on your iPhone and hold it up to the TV boom mic while Tiger is on the 72nd hole at the Buick Open…and let it rip.

[Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images]