Divorce, a Tradition Like No Other
By Stephanie Wei under General

Jim Nantz, the CBS sportscaster who has been hosting the Masters since 1988, is getting a divorce from his wife of 26 years, Lorrie.

Divorce is sad and expensive for any human being, but it must be doubly stressful while a Connecticut Post reporter dutifully chronicles how you sobbed through the trial. Poor Jim Nantz. His wife has broken him.

Nantz, who gets paid $3.9 million per year as a sportscaster for CBS news (plus $4 mil in deferred compensation), is now in a tear-soaked battle to save his salary and his dignity from his wife, whom he paints as a hard-hearted shrew who never supported his career and spent millions on fancy clothes and shiny jewelry while he traversed the country covering professional golf, football and college basketball.

Here are some highlights from the trial from Post reporter Daniel Tepfer, who immersed himself in the melodrama that played out in a Bridgeport courtroom last week:

“In 2004, I got the Man of the Year award from the New York Athletic Club. Rudy Giuliani had been the previous year’s winner and it really meant a lot to me,” he said, his eyes welling with tears. “My mother flew in from Houston, but Lorrie wasn’t there.” Nantz said he was given an oil portrait of himself at the dinner, but Lorrie wouldn’t let him hang it in their Westport home. “It ended up in a warehouse,” he lamented.

In 2007, Nantz became the first television broadcaster to host a Super Bowl, the NCAA men’s basketball championship and the Master’s golf tournament in the same year.

“It was the triple crown. People told me I should write down my remembrances of the events, it was that big, but Lorrie didn’t care,” he said.

When Nantz began writing the book about his father, who died after suffering Alzheimer’s disease, he said his wife forbid him to write it in the house. “She didn’t want to know anything about it. I ended up writing it in an office at Wingfoot.”

This is awful. This woman has crushed this man’s spirit into itty-bitty pieces. She should be drawn and quartered for the emotional abuse she’s rendered upon poor, poor Jim Nantz. What else happened during this marriage, which Nantz devoted his life to — who slaved and sacrificed to make things work not just for him — but FOR LORRIE:

While on the witness stand, Nantz admitted he has a 29-year-old girlfriend who he met while promoting his book, “Always By My Side,” which he wrote about his now deceased father, that was published in May 2008. However, he contended he only started dating his girlfriend because the marriage had “died” more than 10 years ago.

That apparently was news to Mrs. Nantz, who later testified she was still going to marriage counseling until 2008, trying to save their marriage, when Nantz told her he wanted a divorce.

Whoopsie. Bye-bye, money.