Justin Timberlake Bringing Sucky Back
By Stephanie Wei under General

Apparently JT’s mother, Lynn Harless, still spanks him…on the golf course, that is. She told People:

I have, on occasion, actually beaten him straight up. He took my husband [Paul Harless] and me on a golf trip one time and they were surprised at the end when they added up the scores and I was one up on them. I have bragging rights for life.

Hooray for Mrs. Harless, kinda embarrassing for JT. What’s worse: Your girlfriend/wife beating you or your mother? Lucky for him I wouldn’t bank on Jessica Biel trouncing him on the course anytime soon, or, like, ever.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll all about the ladies beating guys — just gotta make sure they have the egos to handle it (otherwise, they throw tantrums, I’ve even had things thrown at me), which I’m assuming JT does.

[Photo by Robyn Andrzejczak/PictureGroup]