So I Didn’t Make it Past the Ladies’ Tees…
By Stephanie Wei under General

Everyone knows the unofficial rule that’s supposed to be invoked when men don’t hit it past the ladies’ tees. Most of the time people usually don’t follow through. Well, here’s a story from one guy who did.

His initial email:

Given your golf background and fun approach to the sport, I thought you would be a good source to clarify a few things around some of the unofficial rules of golf that I unknowingly triggered recently, namely:

1) Do people really enforce the rule around failing to drive the ladies tee?
2) Does the punishment increase if you do it again?
3) Are these rules applied even in a coed setting?


My response:

Thanks for your email. Very funny stuff and good questions. Well, since I started playing, the “rule” in question was always joked about. While my friends and I would give people a hard time, I’ve never seen it enforced. I only know one or two who have adhered to it. But to answer your questions, I would say: 1) It depends on your playing partners, 2) It should, and 3) Refer to 1.

Hope that helps a bit!

The email exchange went back and forth several times. After I assured him his identity would remain confidential, he kindly agreed to share the entirety of his traumatizing experience:

There were 10 of us and since me and this other guy were the worst golfers they paired us with 2 pharma reps who were out playing.

Ran into problems on the second hole. The pharma reps demanded “DO” — tried to fight it but peer pressure won out (plus I never welch on a bet). So I complied.

Did it again on I think the 7th or 8th hole — As noted, the penalty was raised — just golf shoes and hat for the hole.
The 15th hole was the worst — as both of us failed to drive the ladies tee. That led to both of us playing in the buff — him for the hole and me for the rest of the round.

On the 18th, I did beg to get my clothes back which they agreed to provided I tee’d off as attired and I agreed to pop out of a cake later that night for their colleagues birthday. Tough choice but I agreed as I was worried about putting out on the 18th in front of a crowd.

I suspect we got away with it because Vegas was desolate this summer due to the economic downturn and we spent big money.

Thanks to the reader for sharing — no doubt it was the funniest blog-related email I’ve ever received. I’m sure many of you have similar entertaining, humiliating escapades. Please tell.