PGA Tour Goes Into Protect AK Mode
By Stephanie Wei under General

The story of the week has turned into whether there’s any truth to Robert Allenby’s accusations of Anthony Kim’s boozing the night before Sunday’s Presidents Cup singles match. AK denied the allegations, but his team members alluded to AK’s suspect behavior during the entire week.

Captain Freddie Couples defended AK on Seattle radio station KJR in an interview on Wednesday morning:

I promise you, there’s no way you can go out and beat a guy like Robert Allenby 5 and 3 if you’re out until 4 in the morning. There’s just no way. It kind of crushed him. It was the best week that he ever had and those comments kind of crushed him.

And the PGA Tour tried to make the situation go away by talking about the situation more — issuing formal statements by an official, AK and Allenby:

Robert Allenby and Anthony Kim were both part of a fantastic week at The Presidents Cup in San Francisco, representing the U.S. and International Teams, respectively, with utmost professionalism, competitive spirit and good sportsmanship. Concerning the reports published after the fact with unfortunate comments attributed to Robert regarding Anthony, we understand that both players have since spoken and have put the incident behind them. We wish them both the best as they play out the remainder of their 2009 schedules. — PGA TOUR Executive Vice President & Chief of Operations Rick George

Robert and I have spoken about the comments he made after the final day of competition, and I’ve accepted his apology. We are both moving on, and I don’t have anything more to say about the issue. I had a great experience at my first Presidents Cup and look forward to competing in many more international team competitions for my country. — Anthony Kim

While I feel like the comments published were taken out of context, I did call Anthony to apologize for anything that I said or inferred that could possibly portray Anthony as anything less than a professional of the highest caliber. He was a key member of the U.S. Team last week and a formidable opponent on Sunday when we faced each other in singles competition. I am glad we had the chance to speak and clear the air. — Robert Allenby

Was this really necessary?

So, if his personal life is none of our business, then it shouldn’t be the Tour’s either. But apparently everyone wants to protect AK. We get it — he’s a regular 24-year-old kid who likes to party, but he’s no longer acting recklessly, especially while representing his country in a very important tournament. And Allenby’s accusations were still out of line.

[Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images]