Hate Crime Directed at President Obama Scars Golf Course
By Stephanie Wei under General

Some hate-mongering citizens dug “I [swastika symbol] Obama” into a green at Lakeville Country Club in Lakeville, MA.

Yeah, seriously.

The Secret Service and the FBI are investigating the incident. The offenders used their heels or a board to carve the message, which is approximately 20-30 feet.

Golf course owner Gary Mosca said he was notified by grounds keepers yesterday morning. He was disgusted by the vandalism:

This is sick. They are going to do this stuff and cause a problem just to be anti-establishment or just to be tough guys. Their minds are probably demented enough to think of anything.

He also said the damage to the green will take until next spring to repair.

It’s hard to fathom why people would commit such a despicable and ignorant act — one that accomplishes absolutely nothing and insults the human race. Gross.

[h/t FanHouse via Waggle Room]