The Curious Case of AK’s Late Night Recreational Activities
By Stephanie Wei under General

According to industry insiders, Anthony Kim isn’t a saint, but he’s also not “the current John Daly.”

During AK’s rookie year in ‘07, he was infamous for hitting bars post-rounds, not practicing and staying out all night mid-tournaments. But he made it well known in ‘08 that he’d learned from his mistakes and reformed — he said he’d quit his excessive partying ways and since then, was maintaining a stringent practice and workout routine. Given his very public affirmations, he should realize an alleged minor slip-up becomes major news.

If there’s truth to Robert Allenby’s accusations, it doesn’t surprise people. Even though AK publicly proclaimed he’s cleaned up his act, he still has a huge party reputation. And during this year’s NBC’s pre-US Open Bethpage Black event — Michael Jordan, Fred Couples and Rocco Mediate attended, too — AK was rumored to be hitting it hard once again.

Sure, he’s had some come-to-Jesus moments with several of the veteran players on Tour — they basically told him he would just be an average golfer if he continued his reckless boozing and tail-chasing.

So if AK did indeed beat Allenby hungover and with little sleep, that could be disastrous for him — if he gets in his head that he can play well with a Jager bomb regimen, he could be in for a serious backslide.

Is he destined to be the next John Daly-like train wreck? No. He’s a 24-year-old kid who likes to have a good time. But AK should be aware that once he goes public about his reformation project, whether he’s partying once a week or 24/7, it’s going to be heavily scrutinized.

[Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images]