When Freddie Speaks, Freddie Speaks the Truth
By Stephanie Wei under General

Q. I guess Phil if you could — Fred said he didn’t have much to do with it, but you’ve played for a lot of captains over the years, but how is this distinctive and how much of a role do you think Fred had in your success?

PHIL MICKELSON: We were talking earlier about how impressed we were with the job that he did. He just seemed to be on top of everything, from even details, which isn’t, you know, his personality. He was on top of all of the details. He was on top of who was playing well —

TIGER WOODS: (Stifling laughter).

PHIL: — how he wanted to match up pairings, how he wanted them to play. I thought he and Jay and Michael did a great job of staying on top of everything and allowing us to play our best.

Q. Would you like to do this again or did all of that attention to detail take too much out of you?

FRED COUPLES: Well, I will say this, that coming from Phil Mickelson, that’s very, very complimentary, because when I came in here, I thought Phil was going to be my toughest player to deal with out of the 12 guys.

PHIL : What?


[ASAP Sports Transcripts/Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images]