Michael Jordan Tries to Explain Why Michael Jordan Is Here
By Stephanie Wei under General

There have been many questions as to why Michael Jordan is sauntering around with the American squad as Captain Fred Couples’ assistant at this year’s Presidents Cup. It’s a valid question. What, besides megawatt star power, could the retired basketball player “assist” this team with outside of hollow pleasantries. It appears he doesn’t even know:

I joke around with the guys, make it somewhat competitive. I’m just trying to keep them relaxed. I’ve been trying to give them as much insight in regard to team play, going out under pressure and just enjoying yourself.

So he’s like a 6’5 cigar-smoking mascot. And that’s exactly the support Freddie wanted from MJ…but they didn’t have animal costumes large enough.

But Jordan’s decided to go all Dr. Phil with Sean O’Hair to try to help with his putting jitters. Third person alert:

He’s nervous because I know he wants to do well — not just because Michael Jordan is around, but because every golfer wants to do well. He’s definitely doing well. The first couple of days he couldn’t make any putts and now he’s doing well.

And after diagnosing Sean O’Hair’s problems, he got in his car and drove up to Oakland so he could enjoy a celebratory cigar for his efforts.

But seriously speaking, it’s no secret MJ isn’t there to offer serious “coaching” help — he’s not giving swing tips, reading putts or providing course management strategies. So, let’s just enjoy his presence for what it is: the all-time greatest basketball player hanging out and doing some cheerleading from inside the ropes.

[Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images]