Presidents Cup Friday’s Four-Ball Matches
By Stephanie Wei under General

Synchronized ball-marking by Ryo Ishikawa and Tiger during Thursday’s match? I just really like this picture.

Anyway, here’s the line up for Friday’s Four-Ball matches:

International vs. US

Goosen/Scott vs. Mickelson/Leonard

Els/Weir vs. Furyk/Kim

Ishikawa/Yang vs. Perry/O’Hair

Singh/Clark vs. Glover/Cink

Allenby/Villegas vs. Johnson/Mahan

Ogilvy/Cabrera vs. Woods/Stricker

All the pairings look like they’re set up perfectly for Four-Ball — the games of each team’s players offset the other. Perfect example is Furyk and Kim. While Furyk is steady and reliable, AK plays the “bomb and gouge it” game, but when he’s hot, he’s a birdie machine.

Which team do you think has the stronger pairings? Well, it’s going to be another fun day. God, I love match play.

[Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images]