No, Olympic Golf Will Not Be Played in Rio’s Favelas
By Stephanie Wei under General

It was announced last Friday that Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Olympics. And though golf hasn’t officially been added as an Olympic sport — the final vote is this week — most have already assumed it’s a sure thing. So, when Rio was chosen, the golfing world naturally pointed out there wasn’t a suitable golf course in the area — well, other than El Corso Crappo, as Bob Smiley noted.

I think it’s wonderful Rio will be given the honor as the first South American city to host the Olympics. Because, you know, it’s a beautiful place, which is famed for its bikinis and beaches, City of God (amazing and inspiring film, one of my favorites), favelas, gangsters, illegal drug and arms trade, the top-ranked city in the world for “violent international deaths,” and the Christ Redeemer…and not so much golf. So, assuming golf gets the green light, it’s valid to question where the Games will be played.

But, according to Michael Bamberger in Golf.com’s PGA Tour Confidential, there’s no need to fret:

Ty Votaw and his people were preparing for Rio all along. They likely will build a course. It would be a big commission for the architect who does it, likely for free. I’d love it to be Crenshaw, but he doesn’t like moving dirt. Fazio or Nicklaus would be my guess.

Holy Cristo, chances are Olympic golf will be played at El Corso Paradiso.