Norman and Evert’s 15-Month Make-Out Session Is Now Over
By Stephanie Wei under General

There are plenty of reasons why relationships don’t work out, but if you were wondering why Greg Norman and Chris Evert split — after being so gross and open about their soul-matededness throughout most of their year-and-a-half relationship — just ask the people who hate them the most. Like Greg Norman’s ex-wife and her ex-mother-in-law. That’s what the Australian newspapers did, and they siphoned some thoughtful, objective analysis about why the Norman-Evert nuptials failed from numerous other lovely people who harbor no ill will or resentment whatsoever, no sir-ee.

First, let’s hear what Laura Andrassy, Norman’s jilted ex-wife, said:

They say opposites attract. Here were two people very much alike – high profile and narcissistic people – and that would make a relationship difficult. He made his bed. Both he and Chris are adults and were supposed to know what they were doing, but they were in the throes of lust and weren’t thinking.

Second, here’s Norman’s former mother-in-law, Laura Andrassy Sr., offering her take:

Morgan [Norman’s daughter] was unhappy with the whole thing. She did not want to be part of that family so moved to California.

But what about Chris? Did any of Greg’s children like Chris?

They didn’t like her at all.

Third, let’s go to Evert’s former husband, Andy Mill:

I just feel really badly for these two families, thinking about the destruction in the wake of what they’ve done. It’s horrible, what they’ve done.

Fourth, let’s go to random, anonymous friends of the couple who also decided to grave-stomp:

Chris’s house is worth a lot less than Greg’s, maybe £1.5million, but she didn’t want to give it up, and Greg wouldn’t give up his place, the friend claimed.

That was a huge issue for them. Greg’s place is an absolute dream. He always loved it there, has spent a fortune on renovations recently and couldn’t wait to enjoy it with Chris in the new phase of his life.

But Chris is happy and settled where she lives and hated the idea of living in the same place Greg shared with Laura, his wife of 25 years. So they just spent a few days in each other’s places.

It never felt permanent in that sense to either of them. They regularly spent a few days every so often in each other’s houses and the rest of the time they were at their own homes or travelling the world on their own commitments.

It’s sad but no one who really knows them is that surprised that this has

Now Norman can focus all his energy on being the International team’s captain for the Presidents Cup. This is the first time in a long time where Norman has less a chance of being publicly humiliated on the golf course than in his personal life.