By Stephanie Wei under General

My friend sent me this Japanese video, (which appears to be circulating around the golf blogosphere here and here) showing an instructor teaching a lovely, voluptuous lady dressed in a bikini. All his email said was: “New sport: bikini golf. If the LPGA wants new viewers, here is the solution.”

Let’s, like, totally take a cheap shot for attention and degrade women, no less! But, the honest truth is that sex sells (shocker!). And it would be entertaining to see a spoof tournament with everyone donning their hottest swimwear. No question every guy is thinking, “Where do I sign up?” How about this, though: If the ladies are in bikinis, then the men are required to wear speedos — participants and spectators. Hell, maybe I’d even participate…you know, just for shits and giggles.

Damn, those crazy Japanese! Always ahead of the game.