PUMA Welcomes Rickie Fowler to Team With Fancy Golf Cart
By Stephanie Wei under General

As expected, golf’s hottest next-big-thing Rickie Fowler has signed with PUMA to wear its hip apparel, headwear and footwear. To celebrate he was presented with a tricked-out motocross-inspired golf cart — it’s got some sick features: a roll cage, off-road tires, a push bar and a state-of-the-art stereo system. Um, OMG, love it! How do I get one?

Rickie, a former motocross racer, loves speed. (I wonder how fast the cart goes…) He’s rolling out with it at the Soboba Classic Tournament Pro-Am, where he’s playing with his dad and renowned motocross racers Jeremy McGrath and Brock Glover.

He recently said PUMA was his dream apparel sponsor. And yesterday he said he’s pumped to join the team:

It’s an honor to be part of a brand like PUMA that is so fun and light hearted but also serious when it goes to sport. The PUMA Golf line has all of the features I need to play the game well while allowing me to express my personality and great styles and a unique look, whether I’m playing golf or just hanging out with my friends.

Rickie brings a fun, cool edge to the golfing world — he’s a great personality to lead the way in the new up-and-coming generation of pros. And his management company, SFX Golf, has dubbed him “Golf 2.0.” Be sure to follow him on Twitter, join his Facebook fan group (apparently he lives on both), and check out his cutting-edge new website.

[Photo via PUMA Golf]