The FedEx Cup Is Designed for One Person
By Stephanie Wei under General

And that lucky individual is Tiger. Coming down the stretch, the telecast showed us the potential scenarios and there were quite a few (hooray for parity!). But even then, there was little doubt Tiger would lose the FedEx Cup.

The FEC format emphasizes the importance of consistent play throughout the season. And no one else is more consistent than him. I mean, he could have skipped the first three legs and entered the Tour Championship third in the standings. (Yep, another major flaw.) The Tour stresses how playoff events are more significant than the regular season ones — and good results are rewarded accordingly, which contributes to the potential for volatile results.

Also, the venues and set-ups of the courses favor Tiger — they’re all long and notwithstanding Liberty National (which was only a one year deal anyway), he likes them. That said, it guarantees he will always be in the running.

Let me put it this way: Would it be fair if every hole on a course was a dogleg left and every pin was in the back left? Kenny Perry certainly wouldn’t mind.