Twitter Gives David Feherty Another Outlet to Share Controversial, Entertaining Jokes
By Stephanie Wei under General

Oh boy, it appears David Feherty has jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. And I am giddy — because there couldn’t be enough outlets for him to amuse us.

To my knowledge, there hasn’t been confirmation whether it’s actually him, but the tweets are absurdly hilarious with a twist of wit. Considering his sense of humor and willingness to speak freely, I think it’s a very good possibility.

According to his Twitter feed, he watched golf today. He took the opportunity to take some jabs at Roger Maltbie’s weight:

  • Watching golf. Maltbie’s headshot makes his face look like a half-chewed caramel. but i still love the fat windbag.
  • Tiger is aiming it away from Maltbie, to allow for the gravitational pull. Rolfing has been on camera more than Tiger.
  • Just saw Maltbie’s sweaty ass clambering out of a cart behind Tiger. What an athlete that man is! he gets winded eating chips and salsa.
  • Maltbie is sweating like a fat girl at her sister’s wedding. it must be hot in Georgia.

Now, obviously Feherty isn’t the most fit guy out there, but Maltbie makes him look like a Calvin Klein underwear model. And he does poke fun at his own burgeoning figure:

My stomach is now in the way of my quads on my up pedal stroke. Maybe my quads are getting too big………

Also, we already know he likes fart jokes and he makes a few of those, too:

  • The last thing Maltbie tried to cut was the cheese, Johnny.
  • My daughter wants me to make her queso, and Finchy is leaving. Coincidence.

So, I’m inclined to believe it is, in fact, him. God, I love David Feherty. Long live the comedy king of golf commentary.