Paddy’s Amusing Prank on Cink Ruined by Locker Room Attendant
By Stephanie Wei under General

Padraig Harrington, the ‘07 and ‘08 British Open Champion, pulled a prank on Stewart Cink. Cink brought the Claret Jug, the British Open trophy, with him to East Lake and left it in the locker room.

When Cink returned, it was gone. He said, “I registered, then I went back up there real quick and I met with PGA TOUR productions to do another interview before I came down here, and I looked in my locker and saw that the jug was gone, so I assumed they had gotten it and put it on their set. I said, ‘So you guys already have the Claret Jug.’ And they said, ‘No.’”

In his presser, Paddy quipped, “[Cink] can’t find his trophy. He put his Open trophy down and I hid it on him. It’s in my locker.”

Unfortunately, before Cink had time to really panic, a locker room attendant intervened (the nerve!) and told him, “I think Mr. Harrington played a joke on you.”

So, Paddy’s attempt to play hide-the-Claret-Jug was short-lived, but still a good effort.

[Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images]