Introducing Golf’s Newest Contraption: Bags With LCDs
By Stephanie Wei under General

Today Gizmodo presented the latest in golf advertising — bags with sun-resistant HD television screens brought to you exclusively by Pro Bag Ads! Because simply watching golf isn’t entertaining enough.

Yeah. Apparently the latest gadget for bags is providing a Times Square billboard real competition for the most-gaudy-annoying-form-of-marketing award. Michael Allen is the first and only pro signed with the company for the moment. A fan, who saw Allen’s bag at the Wyndham Championship, said, “It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.” Plus, he couldn’t actually read the high-tech contraptions — all he could discern were that the screens had rolling ads, but couldn’t make out the companies.

A Gizmodo commenter posted this Photoshopped version:

Oh, double snaps!

I credit the innovation, but it’s over the top and absurd. (I was way more impressed with Rodney Dangerfield’s bag — I mean, you can’t beat the stereo and beer keg.) And, I must ask, what’s next? Oh, right. Caddie bibs with TVs. Logically.

[H/T Dogs That Chase Cars]