Inexplicably Successful Italian Comedian Is Haney’s Next Project
By Stephanie Wei under General

The first season of The Haney Project with Charles Barkley was a wild success — at least in terms of entertainment value and ratings. Needless to say, Barkley’s swing is still painful to watch and it doesn’t appear his handicap has improved. No, not Haney’s fault. Barkley is proof that old habits die hard. (What I don’t get is how his practice swings were decent, but he couldn’t come anywhere close to imitating them when he hit the ball. Never seen such contrast.) But who cares, he’s a riot.

Anyway, on Monday, The Golf Channel announced that Ray Romano, the star of Everybody Loves Raymond, will be the next celebrity to appear on the reality show, which is set to air Spring 2010. Apparently Romano is a 13 handicap and has a swing Haney can actually work with. According to Tom Hoffarth’s blog, Romano said:

I followed Charles’ progress week in and out during the first season and I realized that Hank Haney was the guy who could finally get me to the next level in my golf game. I’ve tried many ways to improve over the years, and I thought, ‘Why not work with the best coach around?’ I told my wife about the project, and while she doesn’t know anything about golf, she does like the idea that after 21 years it’s someone else’s job to try and fix me.

ZING! So you see, the man is straight-up funny. And yeah, if Haney can’t fix your swing, then it’s a lost cause. Now the question is, will his comic relief live up to the high standards Barkley set? Maaaaybe. One thing’s for sure: Everyone loves him. (Yep, go ahead and groan.)