Prepare for the Inevitable Backlash Over Semi-Nude LPGA Women in ESPN Mag
By Stephanie Wei under General

[Christina Kim on the set of the infamous ESPN Mag photo shoot]

On Monday Ron Sirak reported that three LPGA players, Anna Grzebien, Sandra Gal and Christina Kim, will appear in it, which will inevitably have golf purists and feminist harpies suggesting that these ladies are using their sexuality to sell a product and they’re subjecting themselves to being objectified, blah blah blah.

The “Bodies” issue is supposed to be a celebration of the athletic form, which is art when done tastefully. Yes, it’s also being done to sell issues but considering that ESPN is owned by Disney, this isn’t going to be a Penthouse shoot.

LPGA chief communications officer David Higdon chimed in:

ESPN The Magazine is one of the premier sports publications in the world, and they will put extensive promotional muscle behind this issue. So unless we get surprised by the nature of the shoot and/or feature positioning, then I expect this issue and our involvement in it will provide considerable exposure for our sport at a time when we are ramping up for an exciting finish to the 2009 season.

Translation: As long as the ladies aren’t making out with each other in sand traps, then it’s all good.

[Photo via Christina Kim’s Twitter feed]