HONESTLY. Adam Scott?
By Stephanie Wei under General

On Tuesday Presidents Cup Captains Greg Norman and Fred Couples took a trip to Washington, D.C., to announce the 2009 Presidents Cup teams and their two captain’s picks. Freddie took the conservative approach and chose ‘09 US Open Champion Lucas Glover and Hunter Mahan. They are ranked 11th and 13th in points, respectively. Fair enough.

Meanwhile, Norman’s picks came out of left field — wait for it — Ryo Ishikawa and Adam Scott. Ishikawa is 17 and no doubt has a ton of talent. He’s certainly inexperienced, but he’s fun to watch. So I don’t have really a problem with giving the kid a chance to shine at a supposedly major team event.

But, Adam Scott??? WHAT A F^#$%^& JOKE. Sorry. This is the guy who missed 10 out of 18 cuts in ‘09 and only has one top-ten finish, which was in January. He didn’t make the second event of the FedEx Cup series because he’s ranked 110th in points. Last June he was the 3rd best player in the world, and a mere 15 months later, he’s 53rd. The bottom line is that he really sucks right now (and we know why). Seriously, at this point, I just feel bad for him. I mean, it’s golf — players are bound to experience slumps. Whatever.

The real issue here is that Norman obviously knows all these stats and still picked him. Now he’s known for making some risky and questionable decisions on the golf course, but this is taking stupidity to a new level.

In the press conference, Norman defended his pick and said:

I saw a huge boost of confidence from Adam himself. It’s not an easy task, but at the end of the day, he’s got the playing skills […] the team camaraderie, what he can bring to the locker room, the support he gives to the other players…He was really a logical choice. It’s no slight on any of the other players.

Right. Totally “logical.” I prefer “idiotic.” Please enlighten us and explain how Scott could have any semblance of confidence at the moment. Last I checked, any pro would feel like absolute garbage if he were struggling to make cuts and break 80, no less. Also, his performance hasn’t improved since last month — when Norman said Scott had “lost confidence in his putting.” (In the same presser, he and Freddie seemed like they were making fun of him.)

He brings camaraderie to the locker room. Uh, well, he seems like a really nice guy, but being a good cheerleader isn’t going to win matches.

And, it’s not a slight to Rory Sabbatini, who was 11th in points and has won a tournament this year. Or to Jeev M. Singh, who was 12th and has been playing pretty solid.

So yeah. I’m baffled. I was waiting for Norman to tell us it was all a prank and Scott was in on it (LMAO). But he didn’t. He must have some sort of crazy weird Australian bias…or he’s been drinking too much of the Kool-Aid…or he thinks this is a modeling competition…or it’s a publicity stunt. I mean, he surely knows how dumb the pick was. Wait! Perhaps that’s the reason he made it — to make a mockery out of the Presidents Cup. It’s a huge slap in the face for the PGA (apparently he despises Tim Finchem).

If that was his intention, then well played. But we’re not amused.