Nice to See Anna Rawson Show Up and Play at the Canadian Open
By Stephanie Wei under General

Anna Rawson, who is better known for her good looks than her golf skills, fired a career-low 7-under 64, and held the lead in the first round of the Canadian Open. She set the course record, too. For serious!

She’s currently 110th on the money list and in danger of losing her tour card for next year. So, she was obviously happy with her score.

“…It’s a big relief because I feel like I’ve hit the ball well in so many rounds this year and I just haven’t got anything going.”

She started working with a sports psychologist recently because she was struggling with the mental side of the game. That’s a common problem — it’s tough to stay positive after missing 9 out of 13 cuts. Just ask Adam Scott. But she actually took the initiative to seek help.

I think this year has just been terrible mentally. Like I’ve just had the worst head that you could ever imagine. I don’t even want to tell you what’s been going through my head.

Too…many…easy…jokes. Most would contend her head should be the least of her worries.

She’s had such a tough year that she’s been contemplating a career change.

I guess I’m just worried about the future. I just felt like I was going on great at the start of the year and some things kind of set me back and I thought, you know, what if I don’t play well and I started to think ahead of myself; you know, maybe golf isn’t what I should be doing…I thought, well, if I can’t be successful at golf, I can be successful at some else. I was on the course thinking, “What am I going to do with my life? What am I going to do with my life?”

Modeling. Duh! She’s already a part-time model and the spokeswoman. Even though she’s not even close to being a marquee player, she’s one of the most highly endorsed ladies on the LPGA. Shocking. I mean, have you seen her glamour shots?! The photos on her website? Or this priceless one? And, don’t forget her 5-step plan that she recently contributed to improve the LPGA. She could have a future as the Tour’s official consultant.

Seriously speaking, it’s nice to see her finally play well. For non-LPGA fans, she’s the reason why men (and maybe even women) would watch women’s golf. That’s just the somewhat sad truth. But, good looks aren’t enough; it needs to be backed with good play.

Now if she can keep it up, perhaps she’ll lose the title as the “Anna Kournikova of golf.” It would be fantastic to see her give a breakout performance…for four rounds. What’s the over/under she’ll break par in the second round today?

[Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images]