By Stephanie Wei under General

Ernie is not a big worker physically, and that’s one of the things that you have to do with an ACL repair is you’ve got to really do a lot of work. I feel pretty good with what I’ve done, and I think Ernie, he could have worked a little bit harder.

Tiger Woods on Ernie Els in Thursday’s press conference

Whoa, that isn’t a very Woodsian statement. But come to think of it, Tiger has been full of surprises recently. He called out rules official John Paramor last month. He failed to close in the final round of the PGA Championship. He hasn’t been putting well — for him, that is. All of which have shown us he’s human (go figure). I kind of love this “new” Tiger.

He probably didn’t mean to denigrate Ernie. (But he did.) He was just speaking his mind. (Again, he’s slipping up!) I doubt Ernie took any great offense and he’ll likely be the first to say that it’s true. Few work out like Tiger does and have his athletic capabilities. I mean, how many golfers are built like him? That’s part of the reason he is the best.

After basically calling him a lazy fatass, Tiger eased the blow and said, “But Ernie travels all around the world, more than any other golfer. He plays all over the place, and it’s harder for him.”